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Whatever may be the reason you come to visit Jerusalem -study, travel before installation, wedding, business …and more again – we are here to serve you.

In order to be sure of the best choice concerning rooms and apartments for a long-stay rent, you have to know we have a confirmed and acknowledged expertise.

We select for you only verified advertisers. This will give you a large and qualitative choice, offering premium styles /decorum.

You will be seduced by our appartments for rent in Jerusalem.

Our website, jerusalem-rent.com is the world reference to find the precise apartment matching your needs in Jerusalem through our listing of available long-term rents for rooms,sublets and apartments.

We invite you to take time to visit here virtually all apartments currently available for rent with accurate details, verified availability, etc.

We recommend you to bookmark https://www.jerusalem-rent.com/Jerusalem/luxury/ as one of your preferred page in your browser so that you can come back easily and whenever you want to check it.

Our apartments for rent in Jerusalem – all gathered in one place at jerusalem-rent.com – are ranked as the #1 apartment listing in Jerusalem.

This is one more evidence of the confidence you can have in our services.

We accompany our clients through the whole transaction and in all points needed.

We have apartements in the most prestigious places such as Mamilla, the famous and wonderful Old City as well as at the heart of the historical city center.

You can see all apartments in Jerusalem City currently available for rent with accurate details on our website https://www.jerusalem-rent.com.

Based on the fact that we are the #1 FREE short term rental marketplace to search for (as well as to) enlist your Jerusalem apartment, we are the most recommended website to help you too.

The Jerusalem rental listing website is short (currently 50 places) precisely because we select quality advertisers only.
And you have to be selective for your long-term rentals in Jerusalem. The quality and seriousness of our services have made we are ranked as the best professionals to serve your project.

Jerusalem is nowadays both the historical and spiritual center of Judaism and Christianity.

You can achieve your pilgrims very easily from our places because we choose significant places for our long-term rentals.

Whatever your need is, it is never far from our apartments for rent in Jerusalem.

Our rooms are comfortable and our apartments are chosen to be perfect for long-stay rent.

We work only with verified advertisers so that you can be sure you will benefit the top-level in terms of services and chosen places regarding Jerusalem Apartments for Rent.

You will discover that all religious, archeological and daily-life places to visit are not so far from our rooms for rent.

Tourism in Jerusalem is spreading and quality tour-guides are at your disposal through many agencies.

Whenever you would come for business, you will find a large range of rooms and apartments to rent
adapted to welcome your business visitors with all the expected comfort at Jerusalem Apartments for Rent and directly on our website with an easy-to-remember name: www.jerusalem-rent.com

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