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  • 6 years ago

In search of a flat to rent in Jerusalem?

You want to find a flat in Jerusalem? But you are looking for something special, with high standing equipments? The best answer to your quest is the website On our pages you will discover a range of top quality flats to rent in Jerusalem. One of the first criteria when one wants to find a flat for a short or long term period is the location. Jerusalem is a beautiful city with breathtaking sceneries and a very animated life. To benefit from all of this you need to be located in the best neighborhoods.

Jerusalem-rent, the best rentals in Jerusalem

On we only offer you the best location. Yemin Moshe, facing the great wall will fascinate you with its artistically atmosphere. Talbie, located next to the Theatre of Jerusalem and only a few minutes away from the city center and its shops and restaurant, has become the new heart of the city. You will love its beautiful architecture. Mamilla is on every body’s lips. Link between the old city and the new one it has a very animated life. But on we offer you more.

Top quality flats to rent

All our rental offers have a very special character. You will discover luxurious apartments with top range equipments. Of course they all have air conditioning and Jacuzzi. But you will also feel a special atmosphere in the architecture. We not offer the type of flats you will see in news paper ads. In our pages you will find a flat with a special soul. Very comfortable, all the rooms are large and with unique views on the city. What to tell about the pleasant terrace or garden from where you will have an outstanding look over the old city. And if you are interested we also have flats with private swimming pool. All our offers will help you f犀利士
eel at home but in a unique home. In order to help you make your choice you will find on several colored pictures of our different apartments. You will be able to enjoy the volumes, the light, everything that makes each flat so special. You can also watch a small video that gives you a 360° view of your future interior. It is almost as you were already there. And we offer you all of this without leaving your living room or your office. Thanks to our website you can share it with family and friends without asking them to travel. You do not have time to waste. Make your first selection on internet. You will not have to travel and find a parking space and waste time for nothing.

So if you want to find a flat in Jerusalem, a top quality one, connect on Discover all the best rental offers on the market in a few clicks.

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