Kosher Policy

Since we reside in Jerusalem, the city holy to the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, we dim respecting each of the religious customs as highly important. For that we have set up different guidelines.

An old German saying goes: “You are what you eat.”

In Hebrew the word “Kashrut” stands for the word “pure”, to ensure that the food which we consume, will have a “pure” effect on us.
The laws of “Kashrut” include a comprehensive legislation concerning permitted and forbidden foods. There are several aspects to these dietary rules; One of the laws is to separate dairy and meat products, and so, in all of our apartments we have 4 sets of dishes: dairy, meat, non-kosher and one special for Passover.

In order to respect each individual and his or hers religious rites, we adapt in accordance to the needs of each client via a suitable set of dishes.
At the same time, we expect all of our customers to pay attention and not mix the different sets of dishes.

Thank you for your comprehension,

The team of Jerusalem-Rent

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