The Piyut Festival celebrates the beauty and the many origins of Jewish liturgical music and psalms. Wonderful musicians, including cantors, continue the tradition of Jewish music and the ancient legacy of liturgy that has been preserved for generations through prayer books and community vocalists. The festival’s aim is to add to the tradition and innovation of the language, culture and spirituality of Jewish liturgy which has its presence in both Ashkenazi and Sephardic tradition.

Piyyutim are a connecting point between Jews from around the world and the festival offers opportunities for discussion between different cultures, traditions, generations and communities that live side by side in Israel with those from around the world.

Throughout the four day festival, a variety of traditions, new musical renditions of ancient piyyutim and new liturgical pieces are performed. The program includes many premiere and debut performances and a few talks in Hebrew.

Source : www.itraveljerusalem.com

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